HS 631 coin selector
  • Model No: HS631
  • Product Name:HS 631 coin selector
  • Original Country:China
  • Size:
  • Weight:

DHS 631 Coin Selector


Coin diameter: 15mm-32mm
Coin thickness: 1.0mm-3.5mm
Working voltage: DC12V 20%
Working temperature: -10%oC - 85oC


Red: Power DC+12V
White: Signal Pulse
Black: Power Ground
Gray: Counter


Into coin sampling mode :

1. When power on, status indicator (top of coin accept or) show always RED.
2. Press "set" button for 3-5 seconds then release,
status indicator will turn into green.
3. Press "set" button again (when status indicator shows green) for 2-3 seconds then release, status indicator will turn fromgreen into red >>> We're now get into coin sampling mode for first coin.

Coin sampling :

Insert first coin for X pcs, until X coin inserted, it will reject over inserted coins. Coin sampling procedure complete.
`● X depends on coins from different country and pre-set in factory.
※※ In order to get the most highest accuracy. Strong recommend mixed half NEW & half USED coin as sample for coin sampling.

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