Multi Coin selector HS-636 (6 values)
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  • Product Name:Multi Coin selector HS-636 (6 values)
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HS-636 Multi coin selector
 6 different denominations!!!!!

<Product Details>
 Recommended Coin  Diameter: 15mm~29mm
 Thickness: 1.8mm~3.5mm
 Operating Voltage  DC12±10%
Operating Temperature  -10~60℃
Front panel Material  Plastic + Zinc Alloy

1. Multicoin selector: can accept 1~6 different denominations.
2. Identify coin according to its material,thickness and diameter.
3. Special device and program for anti-fake coin & anti-tricking
4. Can work with counter/ timer board
5. N.O. & N.C. switchable and signal pulse adjustable.
6. Easy to use, Fast and High accuracy.


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