Tutti Frutti 567 balls slot Pinball machine
  • Model No: DOP-L-01
  • Product Name:Tutti Frutti 567 balls slot Pinball machine
  • Original Country:Taiwan
  • Size:D95* W50* H185 (cm)
  • Weight:65kg

Tutti Frutti Pinball game machine made in Taiwan 

(With Topper) D95*W50*H185
(Without Topper) D95*W50*H156

The most interisting game!!!

1.Made in Taiwan 
2. Latin Music.
3. Text and voice in spanish.
4. Attractive design graphic.

a. 7 Bolas(inicio 5 bolas, compra extra 2 bolas más)
b. LED  multicolor. 
c. Premio gordo y bonus juego.
d. 100% hecho en Taiwán, DST calidad.

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