Tarzan 5 vga video game
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  • Product Name:Tarzan 5 vga video game
  • Original Country:Taiwan
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TARZAN 5 Casino Gaming Board Video Slot Game

1. VGA Multigame TARZAN 5 is an innovative Mario Slot game that combines rules of TV BAR and Video Slot.

2. TARZAN 5 can be a single gambling game or LAN game.

3. The player can choose TAKE or W-UP if he/she wins the main game.

4. When the player presses AUTO, the program will enter AUTO mode to re-bet and take score for the player automatically. Player can press any button to terminate the auto mode.

5. The main game send two kinds of lamp prize and the maximum lamp prize is 10.

6. There are three types of Double-Up Mode, i.e. W-UP x 1/2, W-UP and W-UP x 2.

7. There are two bonuses available in Double-Up loop and player have chance to get two extra bonuses even though he/she loses the Double-Up game.

8. The maximum bet for each column is 50 points and there are 5 columns to bet therefore the maximum bet is 250 points (50 points x 5 = 250) and the maximum winning multiplication is 5600.
BAR BAR BAR BAR +BAR = 5000+150 x 4 = 5600.

9. The maximum winning points of this program is 280,000.

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