Pandora Box 5S 1299 in 1 Jamma
  • Model No: Pandora Box 5s
  • Product Name:Pandora Box 5S 1299 in 1 Jamma
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1299 in 1 Jamma PCB Multigame Board Pandora's Box 5s. 

Pack including;
1. Jamma cartridge
2. user manual

Material: Plastic
Display: VGA / HDMI (not support with CRT)
Resolution: 720p
Colour: pink
Size: 190*150*30(mm) / L*W*H

1. Loading and running game much faster, much stable and reliable working
2. The 1299 in 1 acrade jamma pcb for your horinotal displaying Jamma cabinet is a highly exiting new multigame PCB that can display to your existing arcade HDMI or VGA monitor (withoug the need for a video converter)
3. Universal Jamma  Connector
4. User Friendly game selection screen
5. Free play or quater / token option
6. Supports HDMI and VGA monitor
7. Each game is fully customizable (difficulty, game speek, number of lives, etc) Enable/ Disable Specific Games.
8. Standard Jamma video output or vga output (hook pc monitor up directly)

1. 1299 in 1 multigame
2. HDMI / VGA HD output all in one unit
3. Easy installation via Jamma

The mainboard display output support 720p(1280*720)HDMI HD and VGA HD at the same time. 
So the mainboard can support mainstream new style of large inch LCD monitor. 

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