C12 Roulette metal countertop
  • Model No: DND-17C12
  • Product Name:C12 Roulette metal countertop
  • Original Country:TAIWAN
  • Size:D45*W48*H54 cm
  • Weight:


1. American Roulette game with 0 and 00 total 38 numbers.
2. The newest game features for 20 reels and 50 lines.
3. Single or connected lined game machine;can connect 30 machines.
4. Player can choose the Double Up and Half Double Up, and can get credit directly.
5. Auto Run function.
6. Highest credits up to 2,500,000 points(2,500,000point = 2.5 billions)
7. Fever game: ON FREE GAME player can play free 10 times. 
8. Player can push HOLD to preserve the cabinet usuing right 3~180 minutes, if player need to leave temporary.

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